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To urinate in still water is makruh

Sayyidina Abu Huraira (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said,"None of you must pass
urine in motionless water from which he will make ablution."

[Ahmed8193, Bukhari 239, Muslim 282, Abu Dawud 69]

More on that

Sayyidina Ibn Umar (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) was asked about water in the
desert lands at which birds and wild beasts come frequently. He said, "If the water is as
much as will fill two pitchers then it bears no impurity."

[Ahmed4605, 4803, Abu Dawud 63, 65, Nisai 52]


Sayyidina Abu Sa'eed Khudri (RA) narrated that someone asked, "0 Messenger f
Of Allah! May we make ablution out of the well of Buda'ah?" This was a well into which
Menstrual  cloths,  dead  dogs,  and  stinking  things  were  thrown.  So,  Allah's  Messenger
(SAW) said, Water is pure. Nothing defiles it."
[Ahmed11119, Abu Dawud 66, 77, Nisai 323]

Exemption therein

Sayyidina Abbas (RA) narrated that one of the Prophet's (SAW) wives (RA) bathed from a
large tub. The Prophet (SAW) then intended to perform ablution from it, but she said, "O
Messenger of Allah! I was sexually defiled." He said, "Water is not polluted."
[Ahmed2102, Ibn e Majah 370, Abu Dawud 68, Nisai 324]


Sayyidina Hakam ibn Amr Ghifari (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) disallowed man
to make ablution with the water remaining after a woman has made ablution bath) from
it. Or, he disallowed her left‐over after drinking.

It is disliked to use remaining water after woman's ablution

A man from Bani Ghifar reported that the Prophet (SAW) forbade use of water after a
woman has purified herself from it.

 [Ahmed20680, AD, 82, Ibn e Majah 373, Nisai 342]

Man & Woman making ablution from one vessel

Sayyidina Ibn Abbas,(RA) reported that Sayyidah Maymunah (RA) told him that she and
the Prophet (SAW) had the purification bath from the same vessel.
[Ahmed2686, Bukhari 263, 322, Muslim 322, Nisai 232, Ibn e Majah 377]

The Prophet offered many salah with one ablution

Sayyidina Sulayman ibn Buraida (RA) reported from  his father that the Prophet (SAW)
used  to  perform  ablution  for  every   salah.  When  Makkah was  liberated,  he  offered
several salah with one ablution and wiped over his socks. Sayyidina Umer (RA) said, “You
did something that you never used to do before”. He said. “I did it on purpose”
[Ahmed23027,23034, Muslim 277, Abu Dawud 172, Nisai 133, Ibn e Majah 510]


Sayyidina  Amr  ibn  Aamir  Ansari  (RA)  reported  that  he  heard  Sayyidina  Anas  ibn  Malik
(RA)  say  “The  Prophet  (SAW)  used  to  perform  ablution  for  every  Salah”.  He  asked  ,  “
What  was  your  practice?”  He  said,  “We  let  one  ablution  serve  us  many  salah till  the
ablution was nullified”


It  is  reported  in  a  hadith  of  Sayyidina  Ibn  Umar  (RA)  that  the  Prophet  (SAW)  said  "If
anyone who is in a state of ablution, made a fresh ablution then Allah records for him ten
[Abu Dawud 62, Ibn e Majah 512]

Abution for every salah

Sayyidina Anas (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) used to make ablution for every
salah whether he already was in a state of ablution or not.

Makruh to use more water in ablution

Sayyidina Ubayy ibn Ka'b(RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said, "There is adevil for
ablution called Walahan. So, beware of temptations caused about water."
[Ahmed21297, Abu Dawud 547, Ibn e Majah 421]

Ablution with a mudd of water

Sayyidinah  Safinah  (RA)  narrated  that  the  Prophet  (SAW)  performed  ablution  with  a
mudd of water and the purifying bath with a sa’ of water.

What is said after ablution

Sayyidina Umar ibn al‐Khattab (RA) narrated that Allah's Messenger (SAW) said, “ anyone
performs ablution and makes it a perfect ablution and says  (I bear witness that there is
no  God  besides  Allah  who  is  the  One,  Who  has  no  partner  and  I  bear  witness  that
Muhammad  is  His  slave  and  Messenger.  0  Allah!   Cause  me  to  be  among  those  who
repent  and  cause  me  to  be  among  who  purify  themselves),  then  all  eight  doors  of
Paradise are opened for him that he may enter whichever door he chooses.
 [A 17316, 17398, Muslim 234, Abu Dawud 169, 609, Nisai 151, Ibn e Majah 470 ]


Sayyidina Mua’dh ibn Jabal (RA) said ,I observed the Prophet (SAW) wipe his face face
with the edge of his garment after performing ablution.

Using towel after ablution

Sayyidah Aisha (RA) said that Allah's Messenger (SAW) had a cloth with which he dried
his limbs after (having performed) ablution.


Qutaybah reported to us that Abdul Azizi ibn Muhammad also reported in like manner
from Ala, except that Qutaybah repeats the words (This is ribat) three times.

Perfecting ablution

Sayyidina Abu Huraira (RA) narrated that Allah's Messenger (SAW) said, "Shall I not tell
you  of  something  by  which  Allah  erases  sins  and  elevates  ranks?"  They  (the  sahabah)
said,  'Of  course,  0  Messenger  of  Allah!"  He  said,  "To  perfect  ablution  even  in  trying
conditions,  to  go  towards  mosques  very  often  and  to  wait  for  the  next  salah after
offering one. This is ribat (guarding the frontiers)."

[Bukhari 7733,Muslim 251, Nisai 90]